Island County fishing and tide times for the week

Fishing time for Island County Average fishing day

Major fishing times

From 10:27 am to 12:27 pm

Opposing lunar transit (moon down)

From 10:42 pm to 12:42 pm

Opposing lunar transit (moon down)

Minor fishing times

From 5:31 am to 6:31 am


From 3:23 pm to 4:23 pm


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Island County fishing table and fishing times for the week

1st TIDE 2nd TIDE 3rd TIDE 4th TIDE Water temp Moon phase Major fishing Minor fishing Fishing activity
03:29 h
11.25 ft
09:23 h
5.81 ft
14:09 h
9.02 ft
21:03 h
0.2 ft
48 °F Waxing Gibbous Moon 84% 10:27 am
10:42 pm
5:31 am
3:23 pm
Average fishing day
04:05 h
11.58 ft
10:06 h
4.56 ft
15:21 h
9.61 ft
21:56 h
0.39 ft
48 °F Waxing Gibbous Moon 92% 11:23 am
11:37 pm
6:01 am
4:46 pm
Average fishing day
04:37 h
11.84 ft
10:47 h
3.12 ft
16:25 h
10.27 ft
22:45 h
0.82 ft
48 °F Full Moon 97% 12:18 pm
6:28 am
6:09 pm
Good fishing day
05:08 h
12.01 ft
11:27 h
1.64 ft
17:26 h
10.86 ft
23:32 h
1.57 ft
48 °F Full Moon 100% 12:31 am
1:13 pm
6:53 am
7:34 pm
Excellent fishing day
05:40 h
12.04 ft
12:09 h
0.26 ft
18:25 h
11.29 ft
48 °F Full Moon 99% 1:26 am
2:08 pm
7:18 am
8:58 pm
Excellent fishing day
00:19 h
2.56 ft
06:13 h
11.98 ft
12:51 h
-0.75 ft
19:23 h
11.48 ft
48 °F Waning Gibbous Moon 96% 2:21 am
3:03 pm
7:45 am
10:21 pm
Good fishing day
01:07 h
3.64 ft
06:47 h
11.75 ft
13:36 h
-1.38 ft
20:23 h
11.45 ft
48 °F Waning Gibbous Moon 90% 3:18 am
3:58 pm
8:15 am
11:42 pm
Average fishing day

Island County tide times for the week

The tide is currently rising in Island County. As you can see on the tide chart, the highest tide of 11.25ft will be at 3:29 am and the lowest tide of 0.2ft will be at 9:03 pm

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Next high tide

Next high tide

3:29 AM

Next high tide

Next low tide

9:23 AM

Cities in Island County

0.3 mile northeast ofGlendalePoint Wilson 0.8 mile east of
0.4 mile northeast ofGlendale (Whidbey Island)Point Wilson 1.1 miles NW of
1.1 miles northwest ofGlendale Whidbey IslandPoint Wilson 1.4 miles northeast of
1.6 miles northeast ofGreenbankPoint Wilson 2.3 miles NE of
Admiralty Head 0.5 mile west ofGreenbank (Whidbey Island)Port Townsend (Point Hudson)
Admiralty Inlet (off Bush Point)Greenbank Whidbey IslandPort Townsend (Point Hudson)
Ala Spit (Whidbey Island)Holly Farms HarborPort Townsend Canal
Ala Spit Whidbey IslandHolly Farms Harbor Holmes Harbor Whidbey I.Reservation Bay
Ault FieldHolmes Harbor (Whidbey Island)Sandy Point
Bowman BayKamen Point 1.3 miles southwest ofSandy Point (Whidbey Island)
Bush Point (Whidbey Island)Kayak PointSandy Point Whidbey Island
Bush Point Light 0.5 mile NW ofKayak PointSequim Bay Entrance
Bush Point Whidbey IslandKeystone Harbor (Admiralty Head)Skagit Bay 1 mi. S of Goat Island
CamanoLa Conner (Swinomish Channel)Skagit Bay channel SW of Hope Island
Cornet Bay (Deception Pass)La Conner Swinomish ChannelSmith Island
Cornet Bay Deception PassLangleySmith Island 1.4 miles SSW of
CoupevilleMarrowstone PointSneeoosh Point
Coupeville (Penn Cove Whidbey Island)Mutiny BaySpee-Bi-Dah
Crescent HarborMystery Bay (Marrowstone Island)Stanwood (Stillaguamish River)
Crescent Harbor (Whidbey Island)Mystery Bay Marrowstone IslandStanwood Stillaguamish River
Crescent Harbor N Whidbey IslandNew Dungeness Light 2.8 miles NNW ofSunset Beach (Whidbey Island)
Crescent Harbor N. Whidbey IslandNew Dungeness Light 6 miles NNE ofSunset Beach Whidbey Island
Deception Island 2.7 miles west ofNodule Point 0.5 mile southeast ofSwinomish Channel ent Padilla Bay
Deception Pass (Narrows)Nodule PtSwinomish Channel Ent. Padilla Bay
Deception Pass St Park Bowman Bay Fidalgo IOak HarborTulare Beach Port Susan
Deception Pass St. Park Bowman Bay Fidalgo I.Olele Point 1.8 miles ENE ofTurner Bay
DungenessPadilla Bay (Swinomish Channel Entrance)Turner Bay Similk Bay
Fort. EbeyPoint Hudson 0.5 mile east ofViolet Point 3.2 miles northwest of
Foulweather BluffPoint Partridge (Whidbey Island)Wood Island Harbor
FreelandPoint Partridge 3.7 miles west ofYokeko Point (Deception Pass)
Gardiner (Discovery Bay)Point Partridge Whidbey IslandYokeko Point Deception Pass
Gardiner Discovery BayPoint Wilson 0.5 mi. northeast of

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