Suffolk County tide times and tide charts

Suffolk County United States tides chart

The tide is currently rising in Suffolk County. As you can see on the tide chart, the highest tide of 9.94ft will be at 6:54 pm and the lowest tide of 0.79ft was at 12:29 am

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Next high tide

Next high tide

6:38 AM

Next low tide

Next low tide

12:47 PM

Suffolk County tide table for the next week

1st TIDE 2nd TIDE 3rd TIDE 4th TIDE
23 Mon
00:29 h
0.79 ft
06:38 h
8.69 ft
12:47 h
1.51 ft
18:54 h
9.94 ft
06:32 h 18:40 h
24 Tue
01:30 h
0.52 ft
07:39 h
8.96 ft
13:48 h
1.18 ft
19:55 h
10.3 ft
06:33 h 18:38 h
25 Wed
02:30 h
0.1 ft
08:39 h
9.45 ft
14:48 h
0.62 ft
20:56 h
10.79 ft
06:34 h 18:36 h
26 Thu
03:27 h
-0.43 ft
09:35 h
10.07 ft
15:46 h
-0.07 ft
21:54 h
11.29 ft
06:35 h 18:34 h
27 Fri
04:21 h
-0.95 ft
10:29 h
10.76 ft
16:42 h
-0.75 ft
22:50 h
11.65 ft
06:36 h 18:33 h
28 Sat
05:12 h
-1.35 ft
11:20 h
11.35 ft
17:35 h
-1.31 ft
23:43 h
11.88 ft
06:37 h 18:31 h
29 Sun
06:02 h
-1.51 ft
12:10 h
11.78 ft
18:27 h
-1.64 ft
06:38 h 18:29 h

Today's water temperature in Suffolk County

Suffolk County United States water temperature

Current weather in Suffolk County

Partly cloudy


Partly cloudy
Cloud cover 23%


Minimum 67°F
Maximum 74°F


35 mph
Wind gust 56 mph


Dew point 64°F

Sunrise6:32 am

Sunset6:40 pm

Moonrise12:05 am

Moonset3:37 pm

Monday 23rd of September 2019, 3:36 am. The sun will rise at 6:32 am and the sunset will be at 6:40 pm. There will be 12 hours and 08 minutes of sun and the average temperature is 70°F. At the moment the current water temperature is 63°F. and the average water temperature is 63°F.

Fishing time for Suffolk County Average fishing day

Major fishing times

From 7:51 am to 9:51 am

Lunar Transit (moon down)

From 8:16 pm to 10:16 am

Opposing lunar transit (moon up)

Minor fishing times

From 12:05 am to 1:05 am


From 3:37 pm to 4:37 pm


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Today's weather in Suffolk County

0 h 3 h 6 h 9 h 12 h 15 h 18 h 21 h 24 h
Partly cloudyPartly cloudyPartly cloudyPartly cloudyPartly cloudyPartly cloudyPartly cloudyModerate rain at timesPartly cloudy

Cities in Suffolk County

Amelia Earhart Dam (Mystic River)Georges Island 0.4 n.mi. east ofPhilip Head Town River Bay
Amelia Earhart Dam Mystic RiverGeorges Island 0.4 n.mi. SSE ofPhillips Beach
Bass Point 1.2 n.mi. southeast ofGeorges Island 0.4nm southeast ofPig Rock north of
Belle Isle Inlet entranceGeorges Island 0.5 n.mi. ESE ofPig Rock northwest of
Black Rock BeachGeorges Island north ofPleasure Bay Old Harbor Reservation
Black Rock ChannelGeorges Island northeast ofPoint Allerton 0.4 n.mi. northwest of
BostonGermantown PointPoint Allerton 0.65 n.mi. NNW of
Boston Channel Light No.5Grape IslandPoint of Pines 0.1 n.mi. northeast of
Boston Harbor (Deer Island Light)Grape Island and Lower Neck betweenPoint of Pines 0.5 n.mi. south of
Boston LightGull Point 0.4 n.mi. ESE ofRainsford I. and Windmill Pt. between
Boston Light 0.2 n.mi. south ofHarbor IslandsRainsford Island 0.2 n.mi. NE of
Bumkin Island 0.1 n.mi. west ofHullRainsford Island 0.4 n.mi. SE of
Bumkin Island 0.4 n.mi. west ofHull GutRevere
Calf Island 0.4 n.mi. west ofHypocrite ChannelRevere Beach
Carson Beach Old Harbor ReservationJacknife LedgeSailing Club
Castle IslandJamaica PlainSand Point Black Marsh Channel
Charles River DamKings BeachSandy Beach
Charlestown (Charles River Entrance)Little Brewster Island 1.5 n.mi. E ofSandy Cove
Charlestown BridgeLittle Calf Island 0.4 n.mi. NW ofSavin Hill Beach Dorchester Shores Reservation
Charlestown Charles River EntranceLittle Nahant Cupola 0.6 n.mi. west ofScituate
Charlestown Pier 1Long I. and Rainsford I. betweenScituate Scituate Harbor
ChelseaLong Island Head 0.9 n.mi. NW ofSheep Island 0.3 n.mi. west of
Chelsea River below bascule bridgeLovell Island 0.1 n.mi. south ofSmith Beach
Chelsea River west of bascule bridgeLovell Island 0.4 n.mi. north ofSnake Island southwest of
Chelsea St Bridge Chelsea RiverLovell Island 1.3nm north ofSouth Boston
Chelsea St. BridgeLovell Island NarrowsSouth Boston Pier 4 0.2 n.mi. NNE of
City Point 0.8 n.mi. SSE ofLovell Island west ofSouth Channel Aldridge Ledge
City Point Beach Old Harbor ReservationLynnSpectacle I. and Long I. between
Cohasset Harbor (White Head)Lynn HarborSpectacle I. and Thompson I. between
Commissioners LedgeLynn Lynn HarborSpectacle Island 0.2 n.mi. south of
Constitution Beach Belle Isle Marsh ReservationM Street Beach Old Harbor ReservationSpectacle Island 0.4nm north of
Crow Point (Hingham Harbor Entrance)Malibu Beach Dorchester Shores ReservationSquantum Point 0.4 n.mi. NNE of
Crow Point 0.2 n.mi. north ofMarbleheadSquantum Point 0.8 n.mi. northeast of
Crow Point Hingham Harbor EntranceMoon HeadStellwagen Basin 13.8nm SE of Eastern Pt. Light
Deer Island (South End)Moon Head 0.4 n.mi. east ofStellwagen Basin east end
Deer Island 0.7 nm ESE ofMoon Head 0.9 n.mi. southeast ofStodders Neck Weymouth Back River
Deer Island FlatsMystic River Bridge 0.1 n.mi. west ofStrawberry Hill
Deer Island Light 0.3 n.mi. SSE ofMystic River Bridge northwest ofSunken Ledge 0.2 n.mi. northwest of
Deer Island Light 0.4 n.mi. east ofNahantTed William Tunnel
Deer Island Light 0.4 n.mi. NW ofNahant 0.4 n.mi. east of East PointThe Graves 0.3 n.mi. SSE of
Deer Island Light 0.4 n.mi. SSE ofNahant 1 n.mi. SE of East PointThe Piglets 0.4 n.mi. northest of
Deer Island Light 0.7 n.mi. ESE ofNahant 1.8 n.mi. NE of East PointThieves Ledge
Deer Island Light 0.8 n.mi. ESE ofNahant Beach Lynn Shores ReservationThompson Island 0.7 n.mi. NNE of
Deer Island Light 1.0 n.mi. WSW ofNantasket Beach (Weir River)Weir River entrance
Deer Island southwest ofNantasket Beach Nantasket ReservationWest Head 0.2 n.mi. southwest of
Dover St. BridgeNantasket Beach Weir RiverWest Head Long I. 0.4 n.mi. south of
East Boston Pier 10 southeast ofNeponset (Neponset River)West Head Peddocks I. 0.1 n.mi. W of
Eismans BeachNeponset Neponset RiverWeymouth Back River Bridge
Finn's Ledge BellNixes MateWeymouth Fore River
Finns Ledge Bell 0.2 n.mi. west ofNortheast GraveWeymouth Fore River Bridge
Fishermans BeachNubble ChannelWeymouth Harbor Entrance
Fort Independence 0.1nm north ofNut IslandWindmill Point 0.7 n.mi. SSE of
Fort Independence 0.3 n.mi. east ofNut Island 0.2 n.mi. NNE ofWinthrop
Gallops Island 0.1 n.mi. southeast ofNut Island 0.4 n.mi. NNE ofWinthrop Beach Belle Isle Marsh Reservation
Gallops Island 0.2 n.mi. SSE ofNut Island Quincy BayWinthrop Head 1.1 n.mi. east of
Gallops Island 0.5 n.mi. southwest ofPea Island 0.4 n.mi. southeast ofWollaston Beach Quincy Shore Reservation
Gallops Island The NarrowsPeddocks Island 0.2 n.mi. north ofYirrell Beach Belle Isle Marsh Reservation
Garths ReefPeddocks Island 0.3 n.mi. northwest of
Georges Island 0.3 n.mi. SSE ofPeddocks Island west of

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