McIntosh County tide times and tide charts

McIntosh County United States tides chart

The tide is currently falling in McIntosh County. As you can see on the tide chart, the highest tide of 8.46ft will be at 9:07 pm and the lowest tide of -0.43ft will be at 2:45 pm

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Next high tide

Next high tide

9:07 PM

Next low tide

Next low tide

2:45 PM

McIntosh County tide table for the next week

1st TIDE 2nd TIDE 3rd TIDE 4th TIDE
16 Sun
02:44 h
-0.36 ft
08:33 h
7.15 ft
14:45 h
-0.43 ft
21:07 h
8.46 ft
06:20 h 20:32 h
17 Mon
03:31 h
-0.33 ft
09:19 h
7.05 ft
15:29 h
-0.26 ft
21:49 h
8.33 ft
06:20 h 20:32 h
18 Tue
04:16 h
-0.2 ft
10:02 h
6.92 ft
16:12 h
-0.03 ft
22:31 h
8.07 ft
06:20 h 20:32 h
19 Wed
04:58 h
-0.03 ft
10:46 h
6.73 ft
16:53 h
0.23 ft
23:13 h
7.78 ft
06:20 h 20:32 h
20 Thu
05:38 h
0.2 ft
11:30 h
6.5 ft
17:33 h
0.52 ft
23:56 h
7.41 ft
06:20 h 20:33 h
21 Fri
06:16 h
0.43 ft
12:17 h
6.33 ft
18:12 h
0.82 ft
06:21 h 20:33 h
22 Sat
00:41 h
7.12 ft
06:55 h
0.62 ft
13:05 h
6.23 ft
18:53 h
1.08 ft
06:21 h 20:33 h

Today's water temperature in McIntosh County

McIntosh County United States water temperature

Current weather in McIntosh County

Patchy rain possible


Patchy rain possible
Cloud cover 71%


Minimum 79°F
Maximum 81°F


10 mph
Wind gust 32 mph


Dew point 71°F

Sunrise6:20 am

Sunset8:32 pm

Moonrise8:03 pm

Moonset5:47 am

Sunday 16th of June 2019, 10:30 am. The sun rose at 6:20 am and the sunset will be at 8:32 pm. There will be 14 hours and 12 minutes of sun and the average temperature is 81°F. At the moment the current water temperature is 82°F. and the average water temperature is 82°F.

Fishing time for McIntosh County Excellent fishing day

Major fishing times

From 12:55 pm to 2:55 pm

Lunar Transit (moon down)

Minor fishing times

From 5:47 am to 6:47 am


From 8:03 pm to 9:03 pm


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Today's weather in McIntosh County

0 h 3 h 6 h 9 h 12 h 15 h 18 h 21 h 24 h
Partly cloudyCloudyPartly cloudyPatchy rain possiblePatchy rain possiblePartly cloudyPartly cloudyPartly cloudyPartly cloudy

Cities in McIntosh County

Barbour Island (Barbour Island River)Folly River and Cardigan River betweenOld Teakettle Creek Entrance south of
Barbour Island Barbour Island RiverFront RiverOld Tower (Sapelo Island)
Bellville Point (Sapelo River)Harris Neck (Barbour Island River)Old Tower Sapelo Island
Bellville Point Sapelo RiverHarris Neck Barbour Island RiverOnemile Cut 1 mile southeast of
Blackbeard Creek (Blackbeard Island)Hudson Creek EntrancePine Harbor (Sapelo River)
Blackbeard Creek Blackbeard IslandJohnson Creek midway between endsPine Harbor Sapelo River
Blackbeard IslandJones Creek Entrance (Hampton River)Rockdedundy River (daymark 185)
Broughton Island (south)Jones Creek Entrance Hampton RiverS. Newport River above Swain River Ent
Buzzard Roost CreekLittle Egg Island northwest ofS. Newport River below S. Newport Cut
Cedar Hammock south ofLittle Mud River RangeSapelo River Entrance
Creighton Narrows Entrance (Crescent River)Little St. Simon Island (north)South Newport Cut (North Newport River)
Creighton Narrows Entrance Crescent RiverMud River (At Old Teakettle Creek)South Newport Cut N Newport River
Dallas Bluff (Julienton River)Mud River at Old Teakettle CreekSouth Newport Cut N. Newport River
Dallas Bluff Julienton RiverN. Newport River above Walburg CreekSouth Newport River (daymark 135)
DarienN. Newport River ESE of S. Newport CutSouth River
Darien (Darien River)N. Newport River NE of Vandyke CreekSutherland Bluff Sapelo River
Darien Darien RiverN. Newport River NW of Johnson CreekThomas Landing (S. Newport River)
Doboy Island (North River)New Teakettle Cr. 0.8 mi. N ofThomas Landing S Newport River
Dog Hammock (Sapelo River)North Newport RiverThomas Landing S. Newport River
Dog Hammock Sapelo RiverNorth Newport River (daymark 119)Threemile Cut Entrance (Darien River)
Eagle Creek (Mud River)North River at Darien RiverThreemile Cut Entrance Darien River
Eagle Creek Mud RiverOld Tea Kettle Creek (daymark 173)Walburg Creek Entrance
Eagle Neck (South Newport River)Old Teakettle Creek (north)Wolf Island South End
Eagle Neck South Newport RiverOld Teakettle Creek (south)

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