Monroe County tide times and tide charts

Monroe County United States tides chart

The tide is currently rising in Monroe County. As you can see on the tide chart, the highest tide of 1.67ft was at 1:55 am and the lowest tide of 0.49ft was at 7:58 am

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Next high tide

Next high tide

2:20 PM

Next low tide

Next low tide

7:56 PM

Monroe County tide table for the next week

1st TIDE 2nd TIDE 3rd TIDE 4th TIDE
21 Wed
01:55 h
1.67 ft
07:58 h
0.49 ft
14:20 h
1.48 ft
19:56 h
0.62 ft
07:04 h 19:56 h
22 Thu
02:31 h
1.71 ft
08:58 h
0.49 ft
15:18 h
1.35 ft
20:31 h
0.72 ft
07:05 h 19:55 h
23 Fri
03:14 h
1.77 ft
10:09 h
0.49 ft
16:33 h
1.21 ft
21:17 h
0.82 ft
07:05 h 19:54 h
24 Sat
04:07 h
1.84 ft
11:27 h
0.43 ft
18:09 h
1.15 ft
22:17 h
0.89 ft
07:05 h 19:54 h
25 Sun
05:12 h
1.9 ft
12:39 h
0.3 ft
19:35 h
1.18 ft
23:28 h
0.89 ft
07:06 h 19:53 h
26 Mon
06:23 h
2.03 ft
13:40 h
0.16 ft
20:34 h
1.25 ft
07:06 h 19:52 h
27 Tue
00:36 h
0.82 ft
07:32 h
2.2 ft
14:32 h
0.07 ft
21:20 h
1.35 ft
07:06 h 19:51 h

Today's water temperature in Monroe County

Monroe County United States water temperature

Current weather in Monroe County

Patchy rain possible


Patchy rain possible
Cloud cover 77%


Minimum 84°F
Maximum 85°F


23 mph
Wind gust 27 mph


Dew point 75°F

Sunrise7:04 am

Sunset7:56 pm

Moonrise11:50 pm

Moonset12:05 pm

Wednesday 21st of August 2019, 9:28 am. The sun rose at 7:04 am and the sunset will be at 7:56 pm. There will be 12 hours and 52 minutes of sun and the average temperature is 85°F. At the moment the current water temperature is 84°F. and the average water temperature is 84°F.

Fishing time for Monroe County Average fishing day

Major fishing times

From 5:57 pm to 7:57 pm

Lunar Transit (moon down)

Minor fishing times

From 12:05 pm to 1:05 pm


From 11:50 pm to 12:50 am


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Today's weather in Monroe County

0 h 3 h 6 h 9 h 12 h 15 h 18 h 21 h 24 h
Partly cloudyLight rain showerPatchy rain possiblePatchy rain possibleModerate or heavy rain showerPatchy rain possiblePatchy rain possiblePatchy rain possiblePatchy rain possible

Cities in Monroe County

Annette Key (North End Big Spanish Channel)Grassy Key North Side Florida BayPigeon Key South Side Hawk Channel
Annette Key North End Big Spanish ChannelGrassy Key South Side Hawk ChannelPlantation
Bahia Honda HarborHorseshoe Keys (South End)Porpoise Key (Big Spanish Channel)
Bahia Honda Key (Bahia Honda Channel)Horseshoe Keys South EndPorpoise Key Big Spanish Channel
Bahia Honda Key (Bridge)Howe Key (Northwest End)Pumpkin Key (Bow Channel)
Bahia Honda Key Bahia Honda ChannelHowe Key (South End Harbor Channel)Pumpkin Key Bow Channel
Big Coppitt KeyHowe Key Northwest EndRaccoon Key (East Side)
Big Coppitt Key (Northeast Side Waltz Key Basin)Howe Key South End Harbor ChannelRaccoon Key East Side
Big Coppitt Key Northeast Side Waltz Key BasinIsaac ShoalRamrod Key (Newfound Harbor)
Big Pine KeyIslamoradaRamrod Key (Niles Channel Bridge)
Big Pine Key (Bogie Channel Bridge)Johnson Keys (North End)Ramrod Key Newfound Harbor
Big Pine Key (Coupon Bight)Johnson Keys (South End)Ramrod Key Niles Channel Bridge
Big Pine Key (Doctors Arm Bogie Channel)Johnson Keys North EndRiveria Canal Key West
Big Pine Key (Newfound Harbor Channel)Johnson Keys South EndRockland Key (Rockland Channel Bridge)
Big Pine Key (North End)Johnston Key (Southwest End Turkey Basin)Rockland Key Rockland Channel Bridge
Big Pine Key (Pine Channel Bridge North Side)Johnston Key Southwest End Turkey BasinSaddlebunch Keys (Channel No. 3)
Big Pine Key (Pine Channel Bridge South Side)Kemp Channel ViaductSaddlebunch Keys (Channel No. 4)
Big Pine Key (Spanish Harbor)Kemp Channel Viaduct Hwy A1A bridgeSaddlebunch Keys (Channel No. 5)
Big Pine Key (West Side Pine Channel)Key Colony BeachSaddlebunch Keys (Similar Sound)
Big Pine Key Bogie Channel BridgeKey Haven - Stock Island ChannelSaddlebunch Keys Channel No 2
Big Pine Key Doctors Arm Bogie ChannelKey Haven Stock Island ChannelSaddlebunch Keys Channel No 3
Big Pine Key NeKey LargoSaddlebunch Keys Channel No 4
Big Pine Key Newfound Harbor ChannelKey Lois (Southeast End)Saddlebunch Keys Channel No 5
Big Pine Key North EndKey Lois Southeast EndSaddlebunch Keys Channel No. 3
Big Pine Key northeast shoreKey WestSaddlebunch Keys Channel No. 4
Big Pine Key Pine Channel Bridge North SideKey West (Naval Base)Saddlebunch Keys Channel No. 5
Big Pine Key Pine Channel Bridge South SideKey West (South Side White Street Pier)Saddlebunch Keys Similar Sound
Big Pine Key Spanish HarborKey West 0.3 mi. W of Ft. TaylorSaddlebunch Keys south end
Big Pine Key West Side Pine ChannelKey West Channel Cut-A Cut-B TurnSand Key Lighthouse (Sand Key Channel)
Big Spanish KeyKey West Harbor Range channelSand Key Lighthouse Sand Key Channel
Big Torch Key (Harbor Channel)Key West South Side White Street PierSawyer Key (Inside Cudjoe Channel)
Big Torch Key (Niles Channel)Knight Key Channel (Knight Key Florida Bay)Sawyer Key (Outside Cudjoe Channel)
Big Torch Key Harbor ChannelKnight Key Channel Knight Key Florida BaySawyer Key Inside Cudjoe Channel
Big Torch Key Niles ChannelKnockemdown Key (North End)Sawyer Key Outside Cudjoe Channel
Bird Key (Similar Sound)Knockemdown Key North EndShark Key (Southeast End Similar Sound)
Bird Key Similar SoundLittle Duck Key (East End Hawk Channel)Shark Key Southeast End Similar Sound
Boca Chica Channel BridgeLittle Duck Key East End Hawk ChannelSigsbee Park (Garrison Bight Channel)
Boca Chica Key (Long Point)Little Pine Key (North End)Sigsbee Park Garrison Bight Channel
Boca Chica Key (Southwest End)Little Pine Key (South End)Smith Shoal Light
Boca Chica Key Long PointLittle Pine Key North EndSnipe Keys (Middle Narrows)
Boca Chica Key Southwest EndLittle Pine Key South EndSnipe Keys (Snipe Point)
Boca Chica MarinaLittle Spanish Key (Spanish Banks)Snipe Keys (Southeast End Inner Narrows)
Boca Grande ChannelLittle Spanish Key Spanish BanksSnipe Keys Middle Narrows
Boot Key HarborLittle Torch Key (Torch Channel)Snipe Keys Snipe Point
Boot Key Harbor Bridge (Boot Key)Little Torch Key Pine Channel Bridge South SideSnipe Keys Southeast End Inner Narrows
Boot Key Harbor Bridge Boot KeyLittle Torch Key Torch ChannelSombrero Key (Hawk Channel)
Channel Key (West Side)Loggerhead KeySombrero Key Hawk Channel
Channel Key West SideLoggerhead Key East ofSoutheast Channel
Cocoanut Key (Florida Bay)Lower Sugarloaf Channel BridgeSouthwest Channel
Cocoanut Key Florida BayMain Ship Channel EntranceStock Island
Content Keys (Content Passage)Man of War HarborSugarloaf Beach
Content Keys Content PassageMarathonSugarloaf Key (East Side Tarpon Creek)
Cow Key ChannelMayo Key (Big Spanish Channel)Sugarloaf Key (North End Bow Channel)
Crawl Key (Big Spanish Channel)Mayo Key Big Spanish ChannelSugarloaf Key (Northeast Side Bow Channel)
Crawl Key Big Spanish ChannelMiddle Torch Key (Torch Ramrod Channel)Sugarloaf Key (Pirates Cove)
Cudjoe KeyMiddle Torch Key Torch Ramrod ChannelSugarloaf Key East Side Tarpon Creek
Cudjoe Key (Cudjoe Bay)Missouri Key Little Duck Key ChannelSugarloaf Key North End Bow Channel
Cudjoe Key (North End Kemp Channel)Missouri Key Ohio Key Channel West SideSugarloaf Key Northeast Side Bow Channel
Cudjoe Key (Pirates Cove)Missouri Key-little Duck Key ChannelSugarloaf Key Pirates Cove
Cudjoe Key Cudjoe BayMissouri Key-ohio Key Channel (West Side)Sugarloaf Shores
Cudjoe Key Kemp Channel BridgeMolasses Key Channel (Molasses Keys)Sugarloaf Shores East
Cudjoe Key North End Kemp ChannelMolasses Key Channel Molasses KeysSugarloaf Shores North
Cudjoe Key northeast side Kemp ChannelMoney KeySummerland Key (Niles Channel Bridge)
Cudjoe Key Pirates CoveMoser Channel (swingbridge)Summerland Key (Niles Channel South)
Duck Key (Hawk Channel)Moser Channel between Molasses and Pigeon KeysSummerland Key (Southwest Side Kemp Channel)
Duck Key Hawk ChannelMunson Island (Newfound Harbor Channel)Summerland Key Niles Channel Bridge
Duck Key Point (Duck Key Waltz Key Basin)Munson Island Newfound Harbor ChannelSummerland Key Niles Channel South
Duck Key Point Duck Key Waltz Key BasinNew GroundSummerland Key Southwest Side Kemp Channel
Duval StreetNo Name Key (East Side Bahia Honda Channel)Tarpon Creek
East Bahia Honda Key (South End Florida Bay)No Name Key East Side Bahia Honda ChannelTavernier
East Bahia Honda Key South End Florida BayNo Name Key northeast ofToms Harbor Channel (Hwy. 1 Bridge)
Fat Deer Key (Florida Bay)North Harris ChannelToms Harbor Duck Key
Fat Deer Key Florida BayNorth Key LargoTurning Basin
Fleming KeyNorthwest Channel W of Calda BankVaca Key
Fleming Key CutNorthwest Channel W of Middle GroundVaca Key Fat Deer Key Bridge
Fleming Key north endO'Hara KeyVaca Key Uscg Station Florida Bay
Fleming Key North ofOhara Key North End Waltz Key BasinVaca Key-fat Deer Key Bridge
Ft. Taylor 0.6 mile N ofOhio Key Bahia Honda Key Channel West SideWaltz Key (Waltz Key Basin)
Garden Key (Dry Tortugas)Ohio Key-bahia Honda Key Channel (West Side)Waltz Key Waltz Key Basin
Garden Key Dry TortugasPark Channel BridgeWater Key (West End Big Spanish Channel)
Geiger Key insidePerkyWater Keys (South End Harbor Channel)
Gopher Key (Cudjoe Bay)Pigeon Key (North Side Florida Bay)West Bahia Honda Key
Gopher Key Cudjoe BayPigeon Key North Side Florida Bay

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